First Visit Expectations for Children  


To ensure your kids grow up with a healthy respect for their teeth and a solid foundation in preventative dental care, Dr. Mila Cohen recommends bringing your kids in for an exam within six months of their first tooth appearing — or no later than their first birthday. 

Early initial visits are essential because they can prevent a lot of bad oral habits and unnecessary dental conditions.

The Difference Between a Pediatric Dentist and a Regular Dentist

Board-certified pediatric dentists, such as our Dr. Mila Cohen, have two additional years of training after dental school specifically for training related to working with children. They have training in children’s behavior, physical growth, dental development, and treatments of children’s teeth and mouths.

Additionally, they’re trained in the sensitivity of children’s mouths and in the tendency kids mouths have for change while growing with the rest of the body. Pediatric dentists learn how to help ease young children and children with special needs.

Baby Teeth Are Important!

Many parents believe that young children don’t need to see the dentist because baby teeth aren’t permanent, but they play a vital role in your child’s oral development. They not only hold the place for their adult counterparts, but they are important for speech development and help your child get the nutrition they need by allowing them to eat and chew properly. 

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first appointment with Dr. Cohen is usually a very short visit that doesn’t involve any treatment. It’s more of a meet and greet to introduce your child to the dental office and Dr. Cohen. For some children, it’s helpful if you’re with them in the examination area. Other kids behave better when they have the chance to interact with the dentist on their own. Dr. Cohen can help you determine which of these two scenarios is best for your child.

During the exam, Dr. Cohen examines existing teeth, your child’s overall bite, gums, jaw, and oral tissues, looking for any potential problems. She also allows your child to ask any questions. It’s important to start their relationship off on the right foot and take the time to get comfortable with each other.

After your child’s exam, they can choose a small prize, and Dr. Cohen will answer any questions you may have and discuss any treatment recommendations. Cleanings & fluoride treatments will be performed as necessary. 

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