Braces in Jersey City, NJ

Does your child have crooked teeth? Come to True Dental Care for dental braces in Jersey City, NJ. We provide corrective care for kids’ teeth so they can have healthy, beautiful smiles for life.

True Dental Care is dedicated to providing excellent dental services for people of all ages, and our braces are no different. Consult with us about braces for your child, and we’ll provide empathetic care and quality braces.

Our Braces

Braces are often known for correcting the cosmetic issue of crooked teeth. But braces might also be required for other reasons more tied to health. For instance, overlapping or overcrowded teeth can be hard to clean, making cavities more likely. Malocclusion problems like overbites or underbites might also cause teeth grinding in the future. Braces can treat all of these things.

At True Dental Care, we want your child to have healthy, strong teeth, which is why we offer braces as part of our treatments for kids and teens. Braces, along with space maintainers and dental habit therapy, can ensure that your child has cavity-free teeth and lasting dental health throughout their lives.

Our Commitment

We are trusted, compassionate dental professionals, and we’re committed to answering your questions and those of your child. We’ll evaluate your child’s teeth and help you decide if braces are the right choice, and we’ll explain everything you need to know – from different kinds of braces to affordable options to proper care throughout the duration of treatment.

Getting braces is a big decision. We understand this, and that’s why we offer a free consultation first. You can get all the information you need before you make a decision, and you’ll know you chose the right professionals when you see the level of care we give each customer who comes through our door.

Schedule a free consultation today by calling (201) 565-0880 or request an appointment online.